Undergo the dynamic experience of a world record attempt and discuss different topics:

  • Brew Recipes – Brewers realize their own creativity and ideas.
  • Local EventsParticipating breweries are opening their doors for the public.
  • Picture Gallery – The newest and best pictures of the community.
  • Videos – Feel the BBC-Spirit!
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BBC2015 @ twitter

Collection of twitter posts from our world’s largest collaboration brew.[...]


After The World Record Mash – Best Pictures

Here are the first pictures. We’re still collecting and will allocate the names and descriptions where possible.[...]


It’s time to…boiling. We hope you have reserve power for the night and have reserve pizza too.[...]

Schönbuch Bräu Böblingen-Germany

We wanna brew an Amber Ale with 6% alc. and 30 Bitter Units[...]

Having a good time brewing with all you guys!!

Posting like a mad man on facebook and enjoying every second!!!  Almost done with our sparging up next the boil!!  [...]

About the challenge