Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for #BestBrewChallenge (BBC 2015):

  • Register on the website with the name of your brewery, brewmaster, a description of your team and your brewery with pictures along with a video, if available.
  • Agree to the conditions and the BBC 2015 privacy statement.
  • Eligibility requirements for the 1st Challenge – an attempt to set the world record:
    1. Brew beer on the anniversary of the beer purity law: 23 April 2015
    2. Mash in simultaneously with all other brewers: 03:00 PM CEST.
    3. Use only ingredients listed in the beer purity law from 1516 (water, malt, hops, yeast).
    4. Use BEST malts with a minimum of 25 % BEST RED X® (to ensure similar starting conditions for all of the participating brewers).
    5. Brew to an original gravity of 12 – 14 °P for better comparison in the sommelier tasting.
    6. Documentation for Guinness World Records™ (two witnesses for the record, brew log, pictures, video and completed written form)
  • Eligibility requirements for the 2nd Challenge for the “BEST Beer“:
    1. Send at least one bottle (minimum volume 1 liter) of the finished beer to BESTMALZ®, Heidelberg.
    2. Deadline for submitting entries is 30 June 2015
    3. Tasting and selection of winners by an independent panel of beer sommeliers in mid-July.
    4. Agreement to publish the winners’ name and recipe on the BBC 2015 website.

Additional eligibility requirements for BBC 2015:

  • BESTMALZ® will coordinate the world record attempt (including administration of the website blog), the selection of the top-rated beer by a panel of beer sommeliers and the organization of the awards ceremony around the Heidelberg Castle.
  • BESTMALZ® has no legal liability for any activities performed by participants in the BBC 2015 or in conjunction with this event.
  • Participants will bear any cost incurred for participation in the BBC 2015.
  • BESTMALZ® reserves the right to check the registration information of any participant and will remove all content deemed not in compliance with netiquette guidelines (see below).
  • Admission for the world record attempt, rules and their observation are administered exclusively by BESTMALZ®, the event coordinator. BESTMALZ® reserves the right to make changes in the procedures for the world record attempt prior to 23 April 2015. BBC 2015 rules are binding for all participants.
  • Approval for the world record attempt and associated publications are the exclusive right of Guinness World Records™ (GWR). There is no claim that GWR will grant the record, print it in the Guinness Book of World Records™ or publish it on their website.
  • Interested participants can purchase a certificate or medal for the world record (once approved) directly from the GWR website. Any costs incurred must be paid by the participant.
  • Deadline for sending beer samples for the second challenge (Best Beer/Taste Challenge) is 30 June 2015 (date on the shipment invoice). Shipping or postal costs must be paid by the sender.
  • BESTMALZ® will contact the BBC 2015 participants directly to extend invitations to the award winners’ party. Only a personal invitation from BESTMALZ® is valid. All attending the party must bear the costs for travel and accommodation. BESTMALZ® will bear the cost for the awards party and prizes.
  • The place of legal jurisdiction is Heidelberg, Germany.

Netiquette for the Blog:

  • Be aware that posting comments or uploading content under copyright by third parties is strictly prohibited. Make citations only with a source/link. Ask the author if you’re not sure.
  • We appreciate your opinion, but clearly indicate assumptions and avoid speculation.
  • Please respect the privacy and personal rights of others and avoid posting contact addresses, telephone numbers and other personal details.
  • Please contact us at BBC 2015@bestbrewchallenge.com if you think somebody is not following these rules.
  • The editor reserves the right to delete any comment either not in compliance with these netiquette guidelines or not relevant to BBC 2015 topics. There is no legal claim for publication of this content. Deletions will be made without notice. Accounts of users will be blocked if they post comments discriminating against others based on gender, age, language, origin or religion, as well as political or sexual orientation.
  • Moreover, the following comments will also be deleted:
    • advertisement for other services or websites
    • automatically generated posts (spam)
    • commercial or private offers of goods and services
    • defamation of any kind
    • infringement on third party rights, especially copyrights
    • political statements or announcements
    • comments not in English or German
    • comments not related to the post.

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