More Infos About BEST RED X & Other Recipes

More Infos About BEST RED X & Other Recipes

Here we’ve some useful hints for your about our BEST RED X® for the challenge.

Our idea was to create a “ready to use” malt to brew beer with a rich red (reddish) colour and a very smooth malty taste. Hence, you can use easily 100% in your malt bill for gaining red colour and an optimal taste while having an extract content of 12,5% Plato (ready boiled wort) and a pH of 4,2-4,5 in the ready beer.

Brewers can aim for a post boil gravity of 1.050 and hit the rather striking red colour on the head. If the Gravity is below 1.050, you can add a little BEST Melanoidin malt to get it there or if it’s over that, then add a little BEST Pilsner malt. (Keep in mind, aiming for 1.050 with a 15% say, Pilsner malt will significantly alter the end result and you’ll end up with a brown hue to a rich golden colour, not red – as we found in the experimental brews. This can be fixed by adding further melanoidin malt on subsequent brews).

And don´t forget that the turbidity of the beer has a big influence to the visual colour. The beer should be quite clear to get a very red colour. Best bet would be to use PolyClar Brewbrite as a Kettle finings for the clearest/brightest possible wort.


Some more hints you’ll find on the National Home Brew site, made with assistant of our technical director:

More brewing recipes with BEST RED X® can be found here:

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