Reins-Ga-Hop grain bill

Reins-Ga-Hop grain bill

220 – Best Pilsen
165 – Best Red X
20 – Best Melanoidin Malt


Dry Hop:

O.G. – 1.053 (13ºP)
F.G. – 1.008 (2.1ºP)

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Right Brain Brewery is nestled in the SoFo District of downtown Traverse City, Michigan. Our focus is on creating artisanally made, one-of-a-kind culinary inspired brews. If you taste something in our beers, like Asparagus, Cherry Pies, or Real Pig, it's because we put it there using only whole natural ingredients; after all... extracts are for sissies. Right Brain brews can be found throughout the state of Michigan in bottles, kegs, and on draft, however we're not just beer lovers, we're art lovers too. We're advocates for anything creative, innovative, or odd so get outside of the box and Keep Beer Curious.

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