Beer Recipes

Beer Recipes

Here you can post & discuss your ideas for BBC-brewing recipes.

Water, malt, hops and yeast – show that only passion, creativity, craftsmanship and the best quality ingredients make the best beer – nothing else!

We start with recommendation of the following recipe with BEST RED X®.

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  1. Ronnie Aldrin Silva Home brewer

    Hi, I'll make a Irish Red Ale, affectionately nicknamed by me as "Too Red", using 75% of BestMalz Red-X, 15% of BestMalz Pilsen and 10% of BestMalz Caramel Light. I'm planning to use the Yeast S-04 and East Kent Goldings hops. These yeast and hops are in harmony with the Reinheitsgebot? Here in Brazil, I'm ansious to play!

    1 YEAR AGO |
    1. Brian Schlede

      Hi Ronnie! No problem, as long as it is a hop it is in conformity with the Reinheitsgebot! Best regards from Heidelberg, Brian

      1 YEAR AGO |
  2. Imbibe Brewery

    Ryan and I will be making our version of a Red IPA called Red Headed X. We are going 100% BestMalz Red X to achieve that lovely red hue. We will be hopping this one up with Zues, Amarillo, Cascade, and Chinook for a very citrus hoppy beer with Wyeast 1056 American Ale and dry hopped with Citra and and Chinook. The advantages of being brewers we will be using two types of yeast the other half of this will be fermented with 2278 Czech Pils from Wyeast and no Dry hopping, to make an American style pilsner. We are ready for tomorrow here in Eastern Oregon, USA!!

    1 YEAR AGO |
  3. MartinsK

    I will brew red Saison. 70% Pale malt, 25% Red X, 5% Chit malt, same refreshing hops and of course Saison yeast. Greetings to all brewers and breweries. MartinsK, Latvia.

    1 YEAR AGO |
  4. Two Vikings

    We will be making an american style ale, called Two Red Vikings, using 91 % BESTMalz Red X and 9 % BEST Malz Wheat, we will add a mix of Cascade and Challenger during the boil. To add a hoppy flavor we will add Cascade after primary fermentation. We will be using White Labs 017 as yeast. We are aiming for a 13 P wort, bitterness 35 IBU and color 12 SRM We are really looking forward for the challenge today.

    1 YEAR AGO |
    1. Two Vikings

      Chellenger hops is substituted by Northern Brewer hops for this event

      1 YEAR AGO |
  5. Brother Bear Brewey

    We will be doing an Irish Red Ale, the RedX accounts for about 60% grain bill. Fuggles hops @30 minutes should ensure a nice crisp not overly bitter European style ale

    1 YEAR AGO |
  6. Last Drop Brewery

    We are attempting to brew a German ale with an international twist, yeast are Pro culture Alt beer yeast strain but there is no intention to make Alt beer per say. Hops has been calculated to deliver around 40 IBU. Total malt charge is 500kg out of which there is 250Kg RX, 50kg Dark Wheat, 50Kg Munich Dark,25kgMelanoidin - all above BM and 125kg of Sipmpson Maris Otter. Still unsure about the name but Red Roo is the favorite so far. We are aiming for 13.5 Plato.

    1 YEAR AGO |

    Kiwi RedX Ale: 70% Pale Ale, 26% RedX, 4% Wheat, 480gram Nelson Sauvin Fresh Hops, M79 Yeast, Fresh New Zealand Mountain water ;) Gravity 1,055, IBU around 35, Approx 15 EBC and a nice 5% ABV. Fresh Ale with a bit Passion Fruit from the Nelson Sauvin Hops and hidden red color ;)

    1 YEAR AGO |
  8. UNO's Homebrewery

    My target is to get about 60 litters of Amber/Red Ale wort. I will split it to three fermenters. I will give 20 litters to one of my friends, he will ferment it with US-05 yeast. I will ferment 20 litters with WY Belgian Ardennes yeast, and other with WY French Saison yeast. Grain bill from Best Malz: Red X- 65,5%, Pilsner- 25,5%, Chit- 5,3% and Acidulated- 3,6%. I will use Magnum and Cascade hops. Target IBU-35, target EBC-22,5, target OG-13,3’P.

    1 YEAR AGO |
  9. Optyroc

    RedX - 30%; Wheat - 30%; Pale - 40%. M20 yeast. Citra hops. OG - 1051. Grüße vom Lettland!

    1 YEAR AGO |
  10. Riverbend Brewing

    Just started running our red wheat lager to the kettle. Red X 45.5% Wheat 45.5% Pilsen 7.6% Acidulated 1.4% Bravo and Mt. Hood hops German lager yeast 12.5 Plato yumm

    1 YEAR AGO |
  11. BIshops Ale Brewery

    I'm going to make a dark red ale. IBU = 34. 85% Red X, 14% Pale Ale and 1% Roasted Barley for a deep red color. Hops are Kent Goldings, Willemete, and Cascade. Using S-04 yeast.

    4 MONTHS AGO |