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At the end of 2010, after a hard day's work I had stood behind the counter in my restaurant and suddenly I realized that there is no beer, which I could drink with pleasure. That was the time when an idea occured in my mind to open my own brewery! Most people who I had said about my crazy idea to believed that I lost my mind. But I didn't care about it because the similar situation was 6 years earlier when me and my wife decided to open à la carte restaurant in the countryside twenty kilometers from Wroclaw. At that time they also belived that I was insane. When I managed to convince my wife and then my dad I knew that the brewery will be run for sure! Me and my wife have pledged all our assets and could obtain powerful credit. To calm my nerves I started once again to smoke and March 7, 2012 Widawa Brewery brewed the first batch! I knew a lot about beer du to the fact that I was conscious beer consumer, but I had no clue about brewing. I've never been a home brewer. I had a lot to study! Two months later, I started to brew in my own brewery. At the beginning I started with "the classics". Then I met Tomasz Kopyra - homebrewer, beer judge and blogger - and after five minutes small talk I offered him to brew jointly and gave him the green light for recipes - so was born "Kruk", the first Polish American Dry Stout. "Kruk" was hopped with Simcoe. After brewing I still had a little amount of Simcoe which I decided to add to the lager just out of pure curosity. And that was how Widawa became a part of a new wave of Polish beer.

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