The origins of Aldaris (Latvia) date back to 1865, when on the initiative of Bavarian Joachim Dauder brewery Waldschlößchen or Forest castle was built in a Riga suburb. So, this is Aldaris 150 anniversary. Aldaris is one of a few breweries in Latvia located in its historic place and preserving its old brewing traditions until nowadays. In the early 20th century Waldschlösschen became famous as the most up-to-date brewery in Europe, which was testified by the congress of Europe’s major brewers congress organised in 1906 in Riga. The brewery changed name to Aldaris as a result of a public opinion poll held in 1937, in which 3339 respondents participated. In 2008 Aldaris fully became part of Carlsberg Group. At this moment Aldaris market share in Latvia is 30% and employs 230 people.

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