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Registration open for the #BestBrewChallenge 2016!

It’s been one long year and we are back! On 23 June 2016, precisely at 2 pm CET, we are once again going to brew most intriguing beers together with brew enthusiasts from around the world in the course of a new[...]

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Last Call and Final Information

Last chance to register for the BestBrewChallenge 2016! For those of you who have already registered, here’s a summary of what you have to do on 23 June 2016: Login at the bestbrewchallenge.com site and publish information about your mash. Mash in[...]

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Registration closing at 11:00 CEST

One hour left to go for last-minute registrations for this year’s Best Brew Challenge! We will be closing registration at 11:00 CEST.[...]

Der Countdown läuft… noch 2,5 Stunden!

Die Schüttung ist abgewogen, die Rezeptur steht! Bald geht es los![...]

Brauanlage Seven Mountains Brewery

Hier seht ihr die selbstgebastelte Anlage. Wir können 2 Sude gleichzeitig herstellen. In der Mitte heizen wir später das Nachgusswasser auf.[...]

2 weitere Sude heute in der Scheune

da wir heute 4 Sude herstellen (3 Brauer, 1 Braufrau), mussten wir 2 Sude in die Scheune auslagern. Stefan und Günther kochen hier ihr Biersüppchen….[...]



Cervejaria Red Door no Best Brew Challenge da Alemanha!

Hoje é o dia do Best Brew Challenge, o BBC 2016, um desafio global de cervejarias promovido pela aclamada maltearia alemã BestMälz. A proposta é que diversas cervejarias ao redor do planeta realizem uma brassagem simultaneamente, cada uma em seu fuso[...]

A Brassagem continua! – Atualização

Hora: 15:17:02 Seguimos firmes e fortes no Best Brew Challenge! A esta altura já esterilizamos o fermentador que irá receber o mosto, terminamos todo o processo de mosturação, realizamos a filtragem, a lavagem dos grãos,  transferimos todo o mosto para[...]