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Greetings to everybody

We wish everybody a lot of fun as well as good beers! Weather is good here in Germany and we are about to start 🙂 All doors in flight! Cheers everybody   Grasslandsbrewers[...]

Open air brewing!

The weather is awesome here in Lübeck. We just installed the small pilot system in the backyard. Almost ready to go![...]

BEST Malts are ready …

… for being mashed in tomorrow at 14.00 h !    [...]

Mr. Malt®’s recipe: Dark Saison

Hi everybody! Ready for the Best Brew Challenge? What are you going to brew tomorrow? Here at Mr. Malt® the recipe is decided: we are brewing a Dark Saison. Courious about it? Then read on. OG: 1.047 FG: 1.004 ABV:[...]

BBC documentation

Dear brewers. Only two weeks to go until this year´s BEST BREW CHALLENGE will take place. Please find our BBC_Documentation2018 sheet below and make sure to fill in your details and send it to us. This is obligatory for entering[...]

Hi everybody!

Hi! I’m just so excited about this challenge! I really love the idea of hundreds of brewers brewing simultaneously and I will do the best I can to honor this opportunity. Cheers![...]

I don´t know what to do, so many recipes, so many things to brew![...]

Just checken in!

We’re really happy participating BBC again in 2018! Follow our prepearations on www.facebook.com/BlackRiverBreweryTrebur .[...]