Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BestBrewChallenge 2020 has been cancelled.
Please follow this link to read our explanation.



Present your brewery and team and create the BestBrewChallenge spirit: Publish your brew recipes, local events, amazing photos and videos!

BestBrewChallenge 2020 cancelled

Dear brewers and BestBrewChallenge fans! We see it as a sign of your trust and enthusiasm that so many of you have already registered for this year’s BestBrewChallenge. Your great interest and registrations thus far made it difficult for us[...]

BestBrewChallenge 2020 postponed – New date to be announced as soon as possible!

Our customers, our BESTributors and our fans are suffering around the globe! Certainly not the BEST time for celebrating a collaborative brew, even if it would be taking place in the comfort of our homes. It is our strong concern[...]

#BestBrewChallenge 2020: It has to be an Altbier!

Global brewing competition enters the sixth round At this year’s Best Brew Challenge, participants are requested to brew an Altbier, a typical beer style from Düsseldorf. Was this decision influenced by carnival, another Düsseldorf tradition? That remains the secret of[...]

Record-breaking Simultaneous Brew Challenge: 227 Participants from 22 Countries

The winning beer of the BestBrewChallenge 2019 was brewed by a team from the Rheinhessen-Bräu brewery in Mainz (Germany) led by brewer Sebastian Selz. With theeir copper-colored “Callista summer”, the Germans managed to surpass all 227 participants. Second place was[...]

Announcement of the winners

The winners of the BestBrewChallenge 2019 will be announced at November 12th, 10.30 AM at BESTMALZ stand (hall 1, stand 512) at BRAUBeviale in Nurmenberg. Visit the stand and taste the winning beer![...]

Glassware: Which glass goes with which beer?

The bottle cap pops, and the hostess at the party asks, “Do you want a glass or would you rather drink from the bottle?” The guest answers, “From the bottle, it’s already in a glass!”. Drinking out of a bottle[...]

Sommeliers taste 103 beers for the BestBrewChallenge 2019

Brewing a Festbier style beer – that was the task for this year’s BestBrewChallenge. The task for the professional beer sommeliers during the tasting in July was to select the best beers. Out of 227 registered participants who participated in[...]

Deadline went by, tasting is coming

Thank you for sending in your beers! We received round about 130 pakets this year. A new record! Unfortunately we had to winnow round about 30 beers because of missing documentation sheets, not using  BEST Caramel Munich II or not[...]

The prizes for the BEST video are going to…

…homebrewer teams in Italy and Germany! As you know we announced a prize for the BEST video regarding the mashing day of the BestBrewChallenge in April 2019. By the way, this was the idea of our CEO Dr. Axel Göhler.[...]