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About the BestBrewChallenge

About the BestBrewChallenge

We invite you to be a part of #BestBrewChallenge:

Let us brew the most exciting beer in a simultaneous collaborative beer brew all around the globe.

The Collaboration Brew: Brewers around the world will all brew beer simultaneously – with similar grain bills in different countries and time zones.
The Date: 23 April 2019
The Time: Mashing @ 14:00 CEST
The Goals: 1. Have fun!
2. Enter your beer in the taste challenge for the BEST beers.
The Participants: All creative brewers around the world.
The Experience: Share your experience with a global community of brewers in our blog and under #BestBrewChallenge.
The Starting Conditions: Brew a Festbier style beer using BEST malts and 1-10% BEST Caramel® Munich II, EBC 120.
The Recipe: Compliance with the German purity law!
The Competition: Brewers who would like to enter their beer in the taste challenge for the BEST beers must send us (a) the completed Documentation sheet together with (b) at least three liters by 30 June 2019 (date of receipt!) to BESTMALZ Heidelberg. An international jury of beer sommeliers will judge the taste.
The Prizes: For the winner: 120 bags of a BESTMALZ base malt of your choice (25 kg bags, to be claimed within 12 months), we will also brew and give the winner 5 cases of the winning beer.

Places 1 to 3: Professional beer analysis.

For all participants: T-Shirt & professional recipe evaluation.

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Eligibility Requirements / Frequently Asked Questions