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#BestBrewChallenge 2018: Amber ale, bock beer and Vienna export take the top three places

International brewing contest provides scope for creativity and professional feedback Amateur brewers often have to pursue their hobby under difficult conditions – they end up brewing their beer in the kitchen, the basement or the bathroom, and usually in their[...]

vienna malt

Award Ceremony at the BrauBeviale fair in Nuremberg on 13 November 2018

Brewers and breweries small and large from around the world were invited to participate in the fourth brewing competition BestBrewChallenge (BBC) hosted by the Heidelberg Bestmalz malt producer Palatia Malz GmbH. This year’s champion lives a stone’s throw from the[...]

The 2018 BestBrewChallenge judges & service crew

Sommeliers face traditional and wild beer creations during the 2018 BEST Brew Challenge tasting

75 beers from all over the world divided into 13 beer styles, which were evaluated in nine tasting sessions by ten sommeliers from across Germany – these are the impressive statistics of BESTMALZ’s 2018 Best Brew Challenge (BBC) beer tasting.[...]

Pack your submissions carefully and don’t forget your documentation!

So far we have received about 20 entries for the BestBrewChallenge 2018! Unfortunately we discovered one broken bottle in a package this morning… Even though in this case it was DHL’s fault, please keep in mind to pack your beer[...]


This is a own beer for a challenge! Your name is a DioPorter[...]

A Successful Brew Day

Had a lot of fun brewing yesterday and absolutely hit my numbers for my Vienna IPA. Glad to see so many others had a great day brewing as well. Cheers![...]


Job is done, wort is pitched and everything is now clean… It was a great experience brewing and knowing you’re not alone!! It just made me feel part of something unique. Cheers to everybody!IMG-1548[...]

Finish :-)

Wort collection … check.   Trub cone … check.   Gravity … check.    [...]