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About BBC 2018

About BBC 2018

We invite you to be a part of #BestBrewChallenge (BBC 2018):

Let us brew the most exciting beer in a simultaneous collaborative beer brew all around the globe.

The Collaboration Brew: Brewers around the world will all brew beer simultaneously – with similar grain bills in different countries and time zones.
The Date: 17 May 2018
The Time: Mashing @ 14:00 CEST
The Goals: 1. Have fun!
2. Enter your beer in the taste challenge for the BEST beers.
The Participants: All creative brewers around the world.
The Experience: Share your experience with a global community of brewers in our blog and under #BestBrewChallenge.
The Starting Conditions: All participants use BESTMALZ® products and min. 18% BEST Vienna. Original gravity: 11°-16°P. Motto: No limits!
The Recipe: Full creative freedom in the selection of hops, yeast and fermentation procedures.
The Competition: Brewers who would like to enter their beer in the taste challenge for the BEST beers must send their brew (3 x 1 liter) by 30 July 2018 to BESTMALZ Heidelberg. An international jury of beer sommeliers will judge the taste.
The Prizes: For the winner: Invitation to Heidelberg for brewing the winner beer incl. 5 cases of beer.
For winners 1-3: Professional beer analysis.
For all: Participant t-shirt, individual feedback and BBC-surprise.

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Eligibility Requirements / Frequently Asked Questions