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Blog Archive: May 2018


This is a own beer for a challenge! Your name is a DioPorter[...]

A Successful Brew Day

Had a lot of fun brewing yesterday and absolutely hit my numbers for my Vienna IPA. Glad to see so many others had a great day brewing as well. Cheers![...]


Job is done, wort is pitched and everything is now clean… It was a great experience brewing and knowing you’re not alone!! It just made me feel part of something unique. Cheers to everybody!IMG-1548[...]

Finish :-)

Wort collection … check.   Trub cone … check.   Gravity … check.    [...]



Job is done

┬áThe job is done ­čśë Yeast is pitched and have some fun. Good night and greetings from Landsberg!!  [...]

Challange completed

Was a nice brewing! Greetings from Hamburg!  [...]

Done for the day

We are finished! Wort racked and yeast pitched. Watching for bubbles tomorrow! Good night brewers! Cheers[...]