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The BEST Beer

The BEST Beer

The top-rated beer brewed with BESTMALZ® products – The BEST Taste Challenge 2017!

Every participant can enter the taste challenge. Ship 2 x 1 liter of your beer to BESTMALZ Kreimbach.

An international jury of beer sommeliers will judge the taste. The brewers of the best rated beer win a trip for two people to Heidelberg and the winning beer will be presented at drinktec 2017 in Munich.

Participation: Every participant can also enter the taste challenge.
Deadline: Deadline for sending in the beer: 10 July 2017.
Shipping: Participating brewers send in at least two bottles (à 1 liter) of beer to BESTMALZ AG, Malthouse Kreimbach, Schmeißbacher Mühle, D-67757 Kreimbach-Kaulbach, Germany. The participants bear the cost of shipping their beers.
Jury: The jury consists of a panel of international independent beer sommeliers, who will select the award winning beers.
Winners: The brewer who submitted the beer with the highest rating will win a trip for two to Heidelberg. The winning beer will be available at drinktec 2017 in Munich.
All others: All other participants will receive a BBC certificate and a surprise gift.