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WHIPA is born!

After a short period of unsureness our Wyeast 1080 yeast got activated to now get our WHIPA on the right track.Check our our Video Post … WHIPA#1[...]

Day Summary / Zusammenfassung aus Österreich / Obenberger Pale Ale

9:00 Prepared, packed, 2 Cars with Trailer 10:00 Arrived at location 12:00 The 2 Ovens are prepared and the drinks are on ice. 13:30 the mashing water is heated up with the gas oven 14:00 Mashing begins (Mathias and Christian)[...]

Set / ready /GO!

Hi, the First Challenge is over, to bring everything inclusive Drinks for 40 possible visitors to the Danube (Donau) River.😀 ONly Music is missing nur so many Ships are Passing.[...]