Present your brewery and team and create the BBC-spirit: Publish your brew recipes, local events, amazing photos and videos!

Hi everybody!

Hi! I’m just so excited about this challenge! I really love the idea of hundreds of brewers brewing simultaneously and I will do the best I can to honor this opportunity. Cheers![...]

I don´t know what to do, so many recipes, so many things to brew![...]

Just checken in!

We’re really happy participating BBC again in 2018! Follow our prepearations on www.facebook.com/BlackRiverBreweryTrebur .[...]

Registration open for #BestBrewChallenge 2018

It’s been one long year and we are back! On 17 May 2018, precisely at 2 pm CET, we are once again going to brew most intriguing beers together with brew enthusiasts from around the world in the course of a new edition[...]