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BestBrewChallenge 2020 cancelled

BestBrewChallenge 2020 cancelled

Dear brewers and BestBrewChallenge fans!

We see it as a sign of your trust and enthusiasm that so many of you have already registered for this year’s BestBrewChallenge. Your great interest and registrations thus far made it difficult for us to find a viable solution for handling our traditional worldwide collaborative brewing event in this highly unusual brewing year 2020.

Many registered participants are from countries, where the COVID19 pandemic continues to cause insecurity and suffering among the population. In Germany and many other parts of Europe, the summer months have so far been largely quiet and the number of cases remains relatively low.

Nevertheless, public life is severely restricted in our country as well, and we have had to impose strict precautionary measures on our employees so that we act responsibly in this precarious situation.

After much consideration, with a heavy heart we have ultimately decided that 2020 is simply not a good year for our idea of a successful BestBrewChallenge including brewing, tasting and a public award ceremony. Many of the participants of the past few years we have had the opportunity to discuss this agree with us. We also want to show our solidarity with our many friends and fans residing in countries heavily hit by the pandemic and will therefore not be holding a BestBrewChallenge this year.

We are thrilled to see how the BestBrewChallenge has established itself as a platform for the ambitious exchange between brewers of all categories. No virus in the world can ever break the enthusiasm for collectively brewing the BEST beer! We are looking forward to seeing you all as participants at the BestBrewChallenge 2021. We also invite you to share photos and videos of brewing this summer on our Facebook fan page.

We sincerely wish you a wonderful summer – as carefree as possible and with lots of fun, joy and enthusiasm for brewing!