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#BestBrewChallenge: Update regarding the award ceremony and the main prize

Reaction to the postponement of drinktec 2021 fair to 2022 At the end of February, Messe München announced that the drinktec fair will be postponed from October 2021 to September 2022. Both the award ceremony and the main prize of[...]

drinktec postponed to 2022

By the way: postponed drinktec and impacts on BestBrewChallenge 2021 – we will let you know more about it next week. #staytuned[...]

Challenge accapted

Ok, wir geben unser Bestes #bestbrechallenge 2021 – light wheat beer[...]

#BestBrewChallenge 2021: Let’s brew a light wheat beer!

Let’s brew a light wheat beer – that’s the challenge for 2021. Since it’s a light beer, the alcohol content should not exceed 3.5 %. Your grain bill must contain at least 20% BEST Heidelberg Wheat Malt and your beer[...]