Brewing our BEST one!!

Brewing our BEST one!!

We too join the world-event that brings hundreds of brewmasters to the brewery around the globe!!
We are 4: Pier Mastro, Stefano, Mauro and Pippo; the good Davide, friend and adversary for this challenge, will also join us.
Let’s start by grinding our malts while Stefano checks the water temperature for the mash-in. As soon as everything is ready, the infusion begins; in the meantime, do some gardening.

After the mashing, we proceed to sparge! We use a double bottom system combined with a bazooka filter, all handcrafted!
Sparging is slow and takes us some time but we will obtain a very clear green beer to bring to the boil adding some fragrant and fresh noble hops.
While we are dealing with this, Pippo proceeds to grill a phenomenal pulled pork that will refresh us at the end of our labors.

The chilling moment proceeds with Mauro who masterfully controls the incoming water flows. 
We inoculate the yeast that Pier Mastro starterised the previous week and that was at the peak of vitality and we close everything in a controlled temperature fermentation chamber.

Tired and happy we enjoyed our dinner waiting to taste the bestBEST beer that will participate in the competition!!
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We are a small group of friends from south of Italy with a big passion for craftbeers and their magnificent world. We are all homebrewers with different levels of experience. We also enjoy bbq (one of us is a griller master) and we love to merge grilled meat with our beers on the seaside: we have the most wonderful sea in the entire Europe (they call it "Salento's Caribbean").

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