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Die Engeldorfer Hoppythek ist fertig

Links mit Fermentis Safale US-05, rechts mit Fermentis Safbrew T-58.[...]

Fermentation to be started

The BBC brew is filled to the fermentation vessel: Left hand side with Fermentis Safale US-05, right hand side with Fermentis Safbrew T-58:[...]

Cooling Down completed

The brew is over. Brew is cooled down for fermentation:[...]

2nd hop

1st hop Waimea 13.7 [g] 2nd hop Waimea 27.4 [g] Blanc 82.2 [g] 3rd hop Waimea 41.1 [g] Blanc 95.9 [g] We’re sleepy…………[...]

Brautag beendet

Der Hobbykeller H u. I wird gereinigt. Bier ist zur Gährung bereit. Ein schöner Brautag in Lich geht zu Ende.[...]

Nice Trubkegel

Nice Trubkegel, isn’t it? Finished around 19:30, wort is ready for fermentation now. It is going to be Saison. [...]


Safale S-04[...]

boiling at 3AM.

  We are very sleepy……[...]